Corporum is a newly founded association supported by the municipality of Aarhus. The association aims to strengthen, develop and create favorable production conditions for young artists and the Aarhus art community.

The association Corporum offers studio spaces in a studio community in central Aarhus for graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the Funen Academy of Fine Arts, the Jutland Art Academy and other higher education art programs. The association is aimed at artists who have completed either basic (bachelor’s), diploma or master’s degree programs. The offer is valid for artists who have completed an education within a period of five years.

From the beginning of 2020 Corporum has opened up for members to rent studios in the main building at Godsbanen in Aarhus.

There are different types and sizes of studios as well as a common kitchen, a shared exhibition space, a sound proof editing room and equipment and tools for lending.

The current residents at Corporum are:

Anders Hjortdal Andersen

Asger Dybvad Larsen

Cilla Leitao

Frederik R√łnde

Heidi Nikolaisen

Lucie Payoux

Luna Lund Jensen

Mads Borre

Mikkel Carlsen

Sidsel Seeberg

Stefan Bakmand

Sophie Filtenborg

Mikkel Kaldal